22 Eylül 2008 Pazartesi

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

300 pages Prentice Hall PDF 1,2 MB
This book addresses the needs of new users of CFD programs.After the introduction there is a description of some aspects of fluid flow, written specifically for the non-specialist, together with a look at some of the equations that need to be modelled.The discussion concentrates on flows which are viscous and incompressible, as most of the CFD packages solve this type of flow. The ways in which the governing equations are translated into a form suitable for solution by computer is then described. Having looked at this the CFD analysis process can be determined together with some information about the software and hardware that will be required. Then each stage of the analysis process is discussed in turn, followed by a chapter where three examples of the analysis process are given. These are realistic problems which have been solved using two commercially available CFD software packages. This completes the core of the material, but as other flow types are met in practice some extensions to the basic analysis process are discussed that enable these flow types to be modelled. Then, finally, there is a review of how the necessary hardware and software can be specified. This looks at the features that might be considered together with a discusion of how the whole process can be used to influence engineering design

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