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A Concise Introduction to Software Engineering

Product Description

Software engineering is an integral part of studies in computer science and consequently foundational knowledge is critical to all students in the field. This text focuses on the essential elements, providing readers with the basic skills and introductory knowledge required to execute a software project successfully.
Following the winning formula and easy-to read style of the author’s previous An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering, this reader-friendly text is written specifically for undergraduates as an introduction to this broad-ranging discipline. With a strong emphasis on practice, this textbook takes a step-by-step approach whereby the key tasks involved in a project are discussed through the course of the book, illustrating the different activities involved in software development.
Features and topics:
• Discusses core concepts and techniques in an introductory easy-to-follow approach
• Offers a solid foundation to this wide-ranging topic
• Focuses only on the essential elements required to complete a software project effectively
• Takes the reader through the project life cycle - applying concepts to practice
• Teaches the skills needed to execute a small commercial project
• Provides the necessary conceptual background for further study in software engineering
• Concentrates on the two key tasks: Engineering and project management
• Each chapter covers one of the key tasks involved in a project
• Includes helpful learning tools such as chapter introductions, chapter goals and self-assessment exercises

Product Details
Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (September 5, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1848003013
ISBN-13: 978-1848003019
Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 7 x 0.6 inches


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