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Gas Turbine Performance

Gas Turbine Performance

By Philip P. Walsh Paul FletcherPublished by Blackwell science2004ISBN 063206434XEAN 9780632064342646 pagesA significant addition to the literature on gas turbine technology, the second edition of Gas Turbine Performance is a lengthy text covering product advances and technological developments. Including extensive figures, charts, tables and formulae, this book will interest everyone concerned with gas turbine technology, whether they are designers, marketing staff or users

Foreword to the first edition
Preface Gas turbine engine configurations 1 1 Gas turbine engine applications 9 2 The operational envelope 61 3 Properties and charts for dry air, combustion products and other working fluids 102 4 Dimensionless, quasidimensionless, referred and scaling parameter groups 143 5 Gas turbine engine components 159 6 Design point performance and engine concept design 292 7 Off design performance 383 8 Transient performance 444 9 Starting 477 10 Windmilling 501 11 Engine performance testing 519 12 The effects of water - liquid, steam and ice 564 13 Fuel and oil properties and their impact 587 14 Performance of in-service products 599 15 Performance and the economics of gas turbine engines 607 App. A Station numbering and nomenclature 617 App. B: Unit conversions 625 Index 631


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